Our partners introduce themselves
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Dear Partners,


It’s time to hear the next answers from one of our partners. This time, Heimo Pibal-Leitner from Awanto will introduce himself.


1. What made you want to become an Intrexx Partner?

A warm hello from Carinthia to all of you, especially to my questioner, Georg Kreuzinger: Let’s see if we make it past the group phase.

Well, it’s only been 18 months since we decided to enter into a partnership with United Planet. But we have already been able – if nothing else because of the great support from United Planet – to implement a few customer projects and we are continuing to strive towards becoming a Gold Partner. In the course of the arising digitalization wave, the need for powerful, expandable and enterprise-ready systems has also grown within the scope of our customer projects, and therefore, the decision to become a partner was preceded by an extensive round of evaluations of competing products. At the end of the day, the total package with Intrexx and United Planet was pivotal in us taking this step.


2. In which areas of your company do you use Intrexx?

Whenever we find time alongside our daily business, we are currently in the process of removing our in the meantime aging SharePoint-based solution and replacing it with Intrexx as a central system for handling customer projects, support as well as internal communications.


3. Describe your company with three adjectives.

Flexible, innovative, reliable



I would like to pose my questions to Pierre Eyer:


1. You already have some experience and have been an Intrexx Partner for some time. If you draw up an interim balance, what would you say characterizes the partnership with United Planet?


2. Some of our customers are using the QM Suite and the integration features via the plugin solution. In your opinion, what makes Intrexx so good for developing QM solutions in general?


3. My last question is about 19.03, which I just want to say is a great success. Which challenges did you face when upgrading older portals (18.03), which features/functions did you miss or which do you miss already?


Thank you to Heimo Pibal-Leitner for his interesting answers. We are already looking forward to getting to know Pierre Eyer more soon.


Best regards,


Milena im Spring