Recertification for 19.03
General News

Dear partners,


As stated in the partner contract (§2 Technology and Know-how), we ask you to carry out a recertification. It includes the following:

  1. In September, we will provide you with the online training “New features in Intrexx 19.03” in the partner portal’s Academy. It is based on a seminar of the same name.
  2. We ask you to participate in an English multiple choice test. It includes seminar documents (in both German and English), as well as English-language practical exercises and videos.
  3. The practice exercises refer to the App Designer. Since it is described in detail in the seminar documents, this is very important in preparation for the test.


All of our partners have six months from September 2019 to End of February 2020 to recertify at least two (already certified) employees.


Best regards,


Milena im Spring