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Dear partners,


As you know, we want to learn more about the partner network and also give you all the opportunity to get to know each other better. That is why we have asked three questions to Georg Kreuzinger from Xinger Solutions, which he has answered as follows:


1. Why did you want to become an Intrexx partner?

This is actually answered quite simply: on the one hand, Intrexx is and was a very flexible product with which the requirements our customers have in relation to digitalization can and could implement optimally and quickly. On the other hand, United Planet’s support was fast, competent, and uncomplicated. This makes the already years-long partnership so exciting.


2. How long have you been an Intrexx partner and how has your partnership developed?

We have been working with Intrexx for six years and have been partners ourselves for four years, reaching gold status in 2018 and even becoming “Partner of the Year.” What began as a “one-man show” has evolved into a great and dynamic team, not least with the support of United Planet.


3. What upcoming Intrexx project are you looking forward to?

We look forward to every Intrexx project - so much in advance. Every Intrexx project is different, which makes our work with Intrexx so versatile and brings the necessary “spice” into our everyday life. However, we are always especially looking forward to new projects from our regular customers, who have also been using and appreciating Intrexx for many years.


My three questions are addressed to our partner Awanto from Kärnten, because, for the first time, a soccer team from Kärnten has made it into the group stage of the Euro-league:

1. What motivated you to become an Intrexx partner?

2. In which areas does your own company use Intrexx?

3. Describe your business with three adjectives.


Many thanks to Georg Kreuzinger for the exciting insights. We are looking forward to the answers from Awanto.


Best regards,


Milena im Spring